Wisdom Tree Ventures

Wisdom tree ventures provide you with a supreme quality service which includes web designing and development, portal development, mobile application development, integrated marketing, video graphics and business branding. We however cannot guarantee or warrantee for the respective services we provide. We also do not take responsibility for the paid search advertising either.

The website may portrait some brands and logos with their respective links as we are into business branding, but we do not warranty for any services provided by them neither we encourage any acceptance or submission.

We do not guarantee if the website will be fully functional always or if the information available on it is error free. We are also not accountable to any client or union for the use of data provided on our website. The mobile application development service provided is strictly based on client requirements. We however do not guarantee any claim on the status of the application.

Wisdom ventures will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any kind either directly or indirectly in connection to our website under any circumstances. We are also not responsible for any loss in revenue or business and reputation which might occur while using our services. We deal with personal data of the client in order to provide them with a better service. We might share them with our other service providers on a strictly need to know basis. However, any corruption or misuse cannot be guaranteed under special cases such as for safety or when asked by legal bodies.

You must agree to our terms and conditions before using our services listed on the website. We always try to provide you with the best we can offer, but we cannot guarantee your satisfaction. You are always welcome to use our services at your own risk.

We have faith in you if you have faith in us.