Privacy Policy


Building trust is bigger than tactics

We at Wisdom Tree Ventures believe that a genuine and honest relationship goes a long way than a fake and disgraceful one. Therefore, we offer the best of our services keeping in mind the privacy rights of the clients and of our beloved employees. We tend to respect the boundaries and furnish full safety for the private information that we collect during the process. We depend on the quality service of our employees hence, their safety is our responsibility.

In order to clearly distinguish our privacy policy, we have developed a guide to further divide the principles we work upon which clarifies the system and methodology we adopt in operating our business. All the rights to privacy stated in federal and state privacy legislation are included in our policy and we promise to abide by them. We understand that our clients trust us enough to provide us with their personal information expecting us to respect and protect their information. Therefore, we work hard to live up to their expectations.

The privacy policy of ours applies to all of the services that we provide at Wisdom Tree Ventures.

For the Visitors:

Now, to dismiss all the doubts regarding the use of certain information that we might ask someone to submit when they visit our website in order to get in touch with them later on for a better understanding of their needs. We are providing you full disclosure of our process.

Before starting let's understand what personal information is. Your personal information includes age, codes, income, contact information and other such items. But what it does not include is your name, business or personal address and title.

We promise to never share your personal information with any third party, agency or an advertising company unless you have been warned about any such action beforehand. We might use cookies to study the pattern of visitors on the website but we will never attempt to follow or track visitors afterwards. We also never make use of cookies to send unrequested e-mail to the website visitors without consent. We may trace the IP address of the users to administrate the system or to find the demographic information but we will never track in order to unveil the user's identity.

Let's look at the key points in our privacy policy :

  • Personal Information - We acquire personal information of the clients either through employees and individuals directly or through corporate and government clients. However, whichever means we receive personal information of the customers, we aspire to protect and veil the data completely from the eyes of others. Our rules and procedures at Wisdom Tree Ventures regarding the privacy policy guide our employees to treat and handle all personal information with attention and play the role of privacy officers.
  • Full Disclosure -We take full responsibility to disclose all the reasons why we take your personal information and the way we make use of it. In the signing contract, we explain all the details of how we handle your information. We collect your information only for professional reasons and might send out details to former or present clients about the information updates and events hosted by wisdom tree ventures. With this, we also announce that we may share your information within our system to better serve you with the quality products which you might be interested in.
  • Details of our employees are mostly collected to distribute salary, additional benefits, monitor performance rate, manage policies and to harmonize with law. Sometimes this employee information is also used to dismiss a particular employee.
  • Consent - As mentioned before, Wisdom Tree Ventures believe in an open and trustworthy customer relationship and thus, to honour this we maintain a strict consent policy with our clients. We ask for your consent before submitting any form or contract. Also, with the listed Terms and Conditions at our website, we provide you with all the possibilities that we may adopt following your provided information. And by accepting such Terms and Conditions you allow us to go forward with the process. If a client decides not to provide consent or to later abolish the consent, in that case, we may be unable to offer relevant services due to the unavailability of sufficient data. Also, if an employee prefers not to give proper information and disapproves of our methods. We may be forced to discontinue the employment relationship.
  • Type of Information - It may seem a bit absurd to ask for personal details from clients or website visitors but we guarantee to only ask for relevant information that may help us to develop a more detailed service for our clients. We simply seek information regarding the business services and nothing personal. Any kind of unreasonable or improper data from the client is against our privacy policy.
  • Our purpose - Wisdom Tree Ventures intend to use all personal information for the aforesaid reasons. If we further need to utilize personal information for any excluded reason, we ask for consent from the respective client. But in some cases, we might use your personal information without approval such as in an emergency that may involve death or security of a person. We may also share your personal information in the light of an investigation as abided by federal and state privacy laws which include situations such as a warrant or court order, a request from a government institution or in an ongoing investigation which may include national security or international affair. In concern of employment laws, we ensure to keep all personal information of our former or current employees with us to maintain business activities. However, former employees at any time can request to abolish their data from our system. Also, candidates seeking a job at Wisdom Tree Ventures will have their data stored in the system for the next 72 months to maybe contacted if eligible for any position.
  • Upgrade - All the information stored in our system need to be updated from time to time in order to best serve our clients. For a more enhanced and proficient experience, we may ask our clients to keep updating their personal information. Clients are asked to notify their managers at Wisdom Tree Ventures of any kind of modification in their personal information initially furnished.
  • All the personal information related to our employees also has to be authentic, detailed and complete. Like clients, employees may also be asked to update their personal information.
  • Case sensitive - All the consensual transfer of personal information with a third party is guarded by a confidentiality agreement and so we make sure that all of your personal information is treated with full attention and only for specific business purpose(s). We safeguard your data using standard facilities, security tools and strict guidelines for a privacy policy. All information is stored in electronic format and authorisation of this electronic data is highly monitored.
  • Details of the kind of information - Self-trust is the key to success and Wisdom Tree Ventures ensure that our clients and employees are satisfied. In order to maintain the transparency between us and clients/employees, we provide them with full detail of the kind of personal information that we have of them in our possession.
  • Clients at any time can reach out to the managers at wisdom tree ventures for a copy of the detail. As well as employees can contact the Vice- President of HR to get a detailed summary of their personal information.