Process Outsourcing

Subcontract a company’s value chain to other companies.
Redirecting the talent into its own competencies.

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Web & Mobile Application Maintenance

With the latest and advanced technology you get hassle-free experience. The application modifies with its ecosystem including Browser etc. Existing systems can evolve into more specific features. We have experts who work to fix bugs, add new content and provide technical support.

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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance thoroughly reviews the entire website. Monthly review your KPIs, SEO and renew your domain names annually. It helps to bring the website back up to speed and helps to keep the website up-to-date.

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E- commerce Cataloging

We help to create the right catalog for the products and services offered by a company. These work as a powerful digital representation of a company. It helps to expand product catalog and also helps in managing product listings across multiple sales channels. E -commerce catalog helps us to get higher rank in search engines.

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Software Product Support

Software product support services are technical support or break/free services which focus on process implementation, problem and modification tasks, maintenance review etc. It helps in maintenance of services effectively by using flexible models provided by the company. It includes remote troubleshooting capabilities and installation assistance. It makes sure - “You can rely on us”.

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E-Commerce Marketplace Management

Our E-commerce marketplace management provides the value of positioning yourself on marketplaces to sell your services. Using various online marketplaces (like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart etc.) Our team is well versed with these promotional tools to reach out to maximum potential customers.

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Back Office Processes

Our effective back office operations help the company in achieving more productivity and cost efficiency. It helps us to focus on core business and makes sure that experts handle your work keeping in mind the minimal overhead expenses. It makes sure the team completes the work in quick time and that too effectively. It targets that quality work is done with minimum investment.

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