Terms And Conditions

Wisdom Tree Ventures

To maintain a certain work ethic there should be adequate prerequisites clearly present for the client to understand and accept before commencing any kind of business procedure with the company. Wisdom Tree Ventures encourages open communication to avoid any misjudgements and misguidance. Hence, in the light of this issue, we at Wisdom Tree Ventures have created a guide for all the Terms & Conditions which we approve of and work upon.

This guide includes deadline and copyright issues which could be due to certain circumstances such as unavailability of proper resources, third party support and a holdup in communication and could partially be the client’s responsibility. We ask our clients to timely review all the files and changes made during the ongoing process and also after the project is completed. We allow our clients to suggest alterations up to a period of time depending upon the size of the project. If the client fails to come back with modifications it is assumed that the project is approved and authorized.

All kinds of logos and files used in the process are to be supplied by the client and it is considered that the client is the one owning all the rights to such files and logos. And by handing over the materials for the process, the client is granting permission to the company to use and make changes. Wisdom Tree Ventures will not be accountable for any claims further made upon the copyright issues.

Let's take a brief look at some of these points under Terms & Conditions policy

  • Payment Methods - For all of our services we accept payments through several mediums such as cheque, cash and bank transfer. Howbeit, at any given point we can turn down payment in any of the mentioned forms due to some internal complications. With this, we also have the rights to decrease or increase the pricing for our services without any notice.

    If in case the client decides to terminate the project, he/she is obligated to pay a cancellation fee. The amount of money for cancellation fee can vary depending upon the size and the level of the project. If the cancellation fee is not paid or denied by the client, legal action against the client is to be imposed.

  • Third-Party Support - All kind of third- party involvement for the materials and products are to be handled by the client. The client has to be liable for copyright, licensing, payment and other such required measures and at no point, Wisdom Tree Ventures will be held accountable for any of those claims. All of the support and services mentioned in the contract are charged according to the rate initially agreed upon. Any additional service will not be included in the package.

    Wisdom Tree Ventures doesn't offer a guarantee for any kind of services or products involving the third party. All support and management towards the third party are considered beyond our scope.

  • Additional work process - Some of our service packages doesn't include services which you might require during the project. Therefore, the addition of any service excluding those mentioned in the package is billed separately. A detailed list of these charges is provided to the client for better understanding.

    Some of these additional services might be suggested by us during the project but we make sure that the client agrees to the extra charge before moving ahead with the changes. Also, once we get the approval, any further changes may be subject to add-on charges.

  • Limitations - Wisdom Tree Ventures work towards providing the best services and believes in building a team whose aim is client satisfaction. Although if in any case, the results are unsatisfactory or undesirable, Wisdom Tree Ventures excludes itself to be held accountable. Furthermore, all of our employees and contractors are also not responsible for all liabilities due to time, error or delinquency.

    Any loss of profit or revenue is also to be excluded from our responsibility. Wisdom Tree Ventures also cannot be blamed for the performance of the third party and their unproductiveness.

  • Methods - All the methods which we adopt during our service process is well organized and divided into levels. However, the transfer of the project from one level to another is granted only after the payment for the previous level is completed.

    After the completion of the full project, the website is made live on the clients portal for showcasing and approval. But if the payment process is not recognized then at any given time this transfer can be postponed or abolished. Hence, all the rights to ownership will be given to the client post payment.

    Wisdom Tree Ventures is eligible to use content from the completed project in future as a reference. If this arrangement is not likeable to the client, they are supposed to inform us in advance and a suitable decision respecting both parties can be made.

  • Time management - We promise to be punctual and deliver the project within deadlines. However, sometimes there can be a little delay in the completion of the project due to some reasons which are beyond Wisdom Tree Ventures’ scope.

    We begin the project and work with full attention to deliver our very best. The work on a particular project starts soon after the submission of the initially acknowledged deposit.

  • Rules - Wisdom Tree Ventures ought to abide by all the government jurisdiction included in the Indian law and by signing a contract with us our clients are also accepting to follow through the same procedure and become liable for any kind of government interference if needed.
  • Service - All the Terms & Conditions listed here are applicable for all the services provided by Wisdom Tree Ventures and if in case any one of these aforementioned points deems illegal or ineffective, all the other points remain unaffected. Only the point which is questionable is secluded and replaced.