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Website / Mobile Apps

Strengthen your digital space to make sure that your branding, styling, content and site architecture is on point. We accompany you in designing your digital assets to harmonize with your online marketing theme.

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Custom Application Development

We cater to your need by developing custom applications for your specific requirements. This custom software helps reach unique demands in a cost efficient manner. It assists in modifying and preserving commercial software. We use PHP/.NET/C#/JAVA/node.js including Symphony,CakePHP and much more.

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Custom Relationship Management

To carry on a healthy relationship with your company’s current and potential clients is very crucial to manage your business’ growth in the market. We use AI and data analysis techniques to modify and optimise your approach to clients and business partners.Hence, improving sales and targeting customer retention.

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Content Management System

It’s no small task when it comes to selecting the right content management system for your digital space. We guide you in choosing the most preferable system to match your business needs. Some CSM framework we work on are Drupal,WordPress,Joomla and MS SharePoint.

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We understand how important it is to expand your reach through e-commerce. E-commerce is a collaborative system which needs CRM, Automation, Remarketing, Third-Party APIs and A/B Testing in order to grow a business. We support you in scoring the best of this technology. Some tools we work with are Shopify, Magento 1 & 2, Prestashop and nopCommerce.

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Intranets / Extranets

A secure platform for employees, customers and vendors to communicate freely is a necessity. We develop such platform for your business’ entire lifecycle and handle each technical difficulty. Some of our applications are CRM, BPM, HRMS, Customer Portal and Sales Automation System.

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Application Maintenance

In this modern age where technology is speeding up each year, it is hard to keep track of the advances. With application maintenance, we assist you in keeping up with the constant updating of software technology and help you in re-assessing your software application to stay relevant, alive and in demand.

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Outsourced Product Development

We partner with you to provide end-to-end IT product development and product engineering. Our specialized team resources helps in reducing the go-to market time and cost.

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Legacy Application Migration

As the name suggests, we maintain your software’s legacy by upgrading its technology and application programming. To establish scalability, extendability and compatibility we restructure the software to align with the latest technology scenario.

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API Development

In a world of machines and robots, it is beneficial to connect and link applications to each other in order to increase performance and productivity. Application Programming Interface is the solution that allows the Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) to flourish and prosper to a greater extent.

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